• WPM 001:  is a tough, ready to use waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under tiles.

WPM 001

  • WPM 002:  is a tough, fast drying two component waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under tiles.

WPM 002

  • WPM 155:  Water-based polyurethane-acrylic waterproofing membrane developed for high performance under-tile waterproofing. Very popular with the local builders.

WPM 155

  • WPM 179:  is a one component liquid applied, latex modified, bituminous elastomeric waterproofing membrane. Great for below ground tanking, basements and retaining walls.

WPM 179

  • WPM 300:  is a two component water based epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating. Often specified by architects when there is negative pressure situations.

WPM 300

  • WPM 310:  is a tough, UV stable flexible premixed liquid applied waterproofing membrane. It has been specifically formulated as a general purpose membrane for exposed wall and roof waterproofing.

WPM 310

  • WPM 368:  is a single component acrylic copolymer membrane that will prevent rising damp, efflorescence and will resist negative hydrostatic pressure when used in accordance with the technical data sheet.

WPM 368

  • WPM 908:  is a single part acrylic based trafficable membrane. It has specifically been developed for use as a hard wearing trafficable membrane on various substrates suitable for exposed applications like balconies.

WPM 908

  • Crystal Sealer:  A cement-based, waterproofing compound that chemically reacts with moist cement-based substrates. Crystal Sealer forms insoluble crystals in the capillary tracts of the substrate, permanently waterproofing the surface yet still allowing the surface to breathe.

Crystal Sealer

  • Hydrathane:  A one-part water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane which is flexible, tough and fast curing, capable of drying in 6-12 hours. When combined with a 1 litre Primebond, our most economical and best selling under tile membrane.


Liquid Flash 1:  A premixed one-pack, grey, water based, microfibre reinforced acrylic flexible waterproofing membrane that is easily applied with a brush to form a resilient waterproof/ flashing membrane between different building surfaces.

Liquid Flash 1

  • Liquid Flash 2:  is a two-pack, fast-drying, microfibre reinforced, cement/acrylic flexible waterproofing membrane that is easily applied to form a resilient waterproof membrane over different building surfaces.

Liquid Flash 2

  • Gripset 38FC:  is a water based, fast curing, fibre reinforced SBR latex membrane designed for waterproofing wet areas, showers, laundries, roofs, terraces, balconies, decks, concrete slabs and general structures that will be covered over with toppings, tile beds or overlay finishes. Touch dry in 45 minutes and the second coat can be applied after 1 hour. A very popular product when covering at least 20 square metres.

Gripset 38FC

  • Gripset P39:  is a versatile, high performance membrane based on advanced hybrid polyurethane technology. Suitable as an exposed membrane in external applications, or for use under tiles and other finishes, P39 offers superior sealing and durable properties against continuously wet conditions and harsh climatic conditions. Our most popular roofing membrane. Can be used on balconies with the use of Gripset’s LS top coat.

Gripset P39


  • Gripset E60:  is a two component water based epoxy compound suitable for use as both a primer and protective coating to prevent moisture penetration and rising damp through mineral surfaces. Water seeping through a wall? This is the solution for those negative pressure problems.

Gripset E60

  • Gripset 51: is a solvent free bitumen rubber liquid membrane that has excellent sealing and adhesion properties over a number of porous and non porous surfaces. Great with retaining walls and planter boxes.

Gripset 51

  • Gripset C-1P:  is a high performance 1 component flexible polymer cementitious membrane designed for a range of positive and negative waterproofing applications over concrete and masonry surfaces.

Gripset C-1P

  • Gripset 2P:  is a two component latex cementitious membrane designed for a range of waterproofing applications including wet areas, showers, podiums, terraces, balconies, immersed and subterranean areas.

Gripset 2P

  • Gripset LS Roof Coat:  is hard wearing, non slip top coat designed for external floor surfaces on pitched or flat roofs, podiums and balcony areas. Used as the finish coat over other Gripset base liquid membranes or GC2 sheet.

Gripset LS Roof Coat

  • Gripset C-PLUG:  is a rapid setting, non shrink cement based compound that forms an instant waterproof seal against active water leaks under pressure.

Gripset C plug

  • Gripset BRW-PFN: A self-adhesive 1mm thick butyl rubber sheet membrane with a polypropylene fabric facing that supports the application of surface finishes for waterproofing internal and external areas.


  • Gripset XpressLay: One of the primary features of XpressLay is that while providing high-performance waterproofing and vapour barrier properties, the tensile strength properties enable it to perform as a decoupling layer for tile beds, withstanding floor movement strains. No need to lay FC sheets over yellow tongue flooring.


  • Gripset BRW-HD: S self-adhesive butyl rubber sheet membrane with a laminated high strength HDPE film facing designed for subterranean waterproofing and multi layered sheet membrane applications.

Gripset BRW-HD


  • Emer-clad: As a decorative and protective facade membrane coating to most types of buildings and walls after the recommended primer or surface preparation.   Excellent resistance to UV, weathering, chloride ions and CO2. Available in any Dulux colour.

Emer clad facade

  • Nitoproof 210: High performance water based rubberised bitumen waterproofing membrane with root penetration inhibitor. Uses include waterproofing of: Retaining walls, planter boxes, building foundations, walls and below ground tanking structures.

Nitoproof 210

  • Nitoproof 310: Fibre enhanced single component water based latex waterproofing membrane for Wet areas, shower alcoves, Under tile balcony areas, Under tile terrace areas, Sandwich seal between existing and new substrates e.g. old to new concrete; cement screeds over concrete and CFC surfaces

Nitoproof 310

  • Vandex plug: Rapid setting, plugging of water seepage through porous concrete and fast flowing water through cracks and construction joints in concrete and masonry.

Vandex Plug

  • Hydrotite profiles: Premium grade, water swellable, waterstop range for use in cast in-situ concrete. Hydrotite is used where watertight integrity is the prime issue. Typical applications include construction joints in: Sewerage & water treatment plants, Pipe penetrations, Subway stations, Swimming pools, Basements, Reservoirs, Tunnels and Pits.

Hydrotite Profiles

  • Leakmaster: Gun applied, water-swellable, waterstop paste. Used for bonding Hydrotite profiles to rough concrete surfaces, Water sealing joints of cast in-situ concrete, Water sealing around “H” section steel joists, Sealing rough surfaces, Can support 20 m heads of water, Excellent for pipe penetration To provide sealing around traditional PVC waterstops to provide a ‘belts and braces’ seal before a concrete pour.


  • Sikatite BE: is a water based bitumen emulsion modified with acrylic latex polymers. It can be applied as a waterproof membrane, sealant, protective coating or adhesive. It is designed for use underground, internal and immersed areas.

Sikatite BE

  • Sikalastic 1k: is a one component, flexible, fibre-reinforced mortar, based on cement modified with special alkali-resistant polymers. It also contains fine fillers, selected graded aggregates, plus special waterproofing additives to produce a flexible mortar that is ideal for waterproofing surfaces subject to flexural strain. Sikalastic-1K is suitable for application by brush, roller, trowel or spray equipment.

Sikalastic 1 K

  • Sika plug: is a chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water Sika Plug becomes a rapid setting plugging mortar. Sika Plug can be used to seal leaks as a pre-treatment to the installation of Sikalastic 1K cementitious waterproofing syetem.

Sika Plug

  • Sikaswell profiles: an acrylic sealing profile which swells in contact with water to seal all types of joints and penetrations in concrete. It has a rectangular profile and is available in several sizes.

Sikaswell profile

  • Sikaswell s2: is a 1-part polyurethane hydrophilic sealant which swells in contact with water to seal all types of construction joints and penetrations in concrete. For Joint sealing: Construction joints, Pipe and steel work penetrations through walls and floor slabs, Around all types of penetrations and construction joints, Construction joints in cable ducts, etc. Fixing / Adhering swellable profiles.

Sikaswell S2

  • Brushable Hydroseal: is a heavy bituminous, fibre reinforced, rust inhibiting sealing compound, Specially designed to be brushed thickly to any surface. When dry Brushable Hydroseal is tough and waterproof with good weathering qualities, does not contaminate drinking water and is not highly inflammable. It forms a tough skin quickly. Great for repairing and waterproofing the inside of iron and concrete tanks and troughs. Re-surfacing old Malthoid, iron and cement reinforced roofs and gutters, Stopping leaks in roofs and gutters; sealing leaks in tanks, troughs, flashings and cappings, under screws and washers and downpipes.

Brushable Hydroseal