We carry a large range of DTA products including Tile Trim, Trowels, Scrapers, Grinding Disks, Sponges, Spacers, Wedge systems, Aluminium Angle, Knee Pods, Tile cutting discs, Grouting tools, plus more.

We carry a large range of Uni Pro products including Brushes, Roller kits, Scrapers, Knives, Blades, Gloves, Masking Tapes, Roller Sleeves, Poles plus more.


Svenic’ are the leaders in dispensing guns for polyurethane, silicone and grout. Unlike most manufacturers of these types of guns, they are manufactured in England, not China. These are fantastic guns and the main reason for trades people coming in and buying new ones is they are usually stolen off the job sites they are on, not from wear & tear.


  • PRO HP Sausage Gun is used by professionals and tradesmen for applying polyurethane into expansion joints, tilt slab panels, swimming pools and with a change in the plunger configuration, can be used to apply cartridges
  • PRO HP Cartridge Gun, this is the experts gun of silicone applicators. It provides excellent control of the amount of sealant that comes out of the cartridge because of the specialised handle
  • Imitation Sausage Gun for the everyday tradesmen who want to use the 600ml sausage but don’t want to pay the price for the PRO HP Gun. It does the same job as the PRO HP Gun but unfortunately no parts are replaceable if it becomes worn out
  • STANDARD Cartridge Gun is used for dispensing silicone or polyurethane 300ml cartridges. It is still a good gun being made in England.
  • Tuck Point Grout Gun is used to inject any type of grout into areas that are too hard to force or trowel into the area. Different nozzles are available to suit different jobs. Just mix up your grout, pour it into the shaft, load in the gun and shoot away!
  • Svenic Double Barrel Epoxy Injection Gun is used for injecting epoxy resins into cracked surfaces. The gun is compatible with a few different types of manufacturers epoxy cartridges, e.g. Sika, Parchem, Epirez
  • Air-Compressed Sausage Gun only needs an air compressor for those massive jobs where a sore arm is an issue or you can’t wait for batteries to recharge in a battery-powered gun.
  • COX Battery-Powered Sausage Gun is the top of the range battery powered gun featuring 4V battery power. The competitors only produce a 7.2V which is obviously half the power and half the battery time of this great gun.
  • PRO HP Sausage Gun with our NEW HOOK for the gun. If you are on ladders often applying joint sealant to tilt-up panels, etc. then you need a hook on your gun to sit on the ladder. This little hook has been highly praised by the tradesmen who use it often. It can be attached to certain ‘cheap’ guns too like the Imitation Sausage Gun above – no.3

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We have started stocking great quality Uni-Pro products like brushes, rollers and scrapers.
These products are second to none for the bargain prices and perform just as well as most of the expensive brands.
Come in and see our HUGE range of products.

Items Available –

  • Brushes – 12, 25, 38, 50, 75, 100mm
  • Scrapers – 25, 50, 75, 100mm
  • Stanley/Utility Knives & Blades for them
  • Goggles, Masks, Gloves
  • Roller Kits from mini 100mm to 230mm kits

Masking tape of various thicknesses and duct tape


Waterproofing Warehouse stock a full range of Sausage Gun spare parts. If you are having trouble with you ‘Svenic’ Barrel Gun then give us a call and we will try and solve the problem for you.
NOTE: Most of our spare parts DO NOT FIT imitation guns, i.e. ones with a Bostik sticker or other Chinese guns. Svenic have ‘made in England’ printed on the Sausage Gun Handle, that is how you tell the difference of an imitation to a authentic one.

Parts Available –

  • Blue Thread Kit
  • End Cap (which can now only be purchased with inner insert for use with pre-determined sized nozzles
    Plunger Replacement Kits
  • Barrel Gun Hooks – used for hanging the gun
  • Nozzles – Clear, Yellow, Red, Blue, Grey

Other parts are available on request including clutch kits, etc.


Bostik Handy Wipes has been especially formulated to quickly and effectively remove sealant, tar, dirt, grease, oil, adhesives, paint and ink from tools and equipment.


  • Ideal for use in cleaning hands of polyurethane and silicone after work
  • Great for use in the garage, cleaning up tools
  • After gardening or intensive household cleaning
  • Cleans up hands and equipment

Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient, easy tear off towels
  • Tough on dirt
  • Pre-moistened, disposable, multi-purpose
  • Anti-bacterial

If kept in a plastic bag, can be re-used multiple times