Product Data

Waterproofing Warehouse is a distributor and retailer

Waterproofing Warehouse is a distributor and retailer for over 20 different manufacturers of Waterproofing Membranes, sealants & accessories. We sell materials from a list of top-class companies such as: Ardex, Bostik, Construction Chemicals, DTA, Gripset, Parchem, Sika, Tremco, Wondercap and many more.

Need a coloured membrane? Emer-Clad Facade is a highly flexible coating containing additives to inhibit the growth of mould, resist bacterial growth and aggressive elements ie: resistant to UV light, chloride ion and carbonation attack. Suitable for walls and rooftops. It can be tinted to any Dulux colour.

Waterproofing Warehouse now stocks COREFLUTE

Waterproofing Warehouse now stocks COREFLUTE, in the size of 1830 x 1220 x 2mm thick – Black. This is a great product to protect your waterproofing membranes in situations such as retaining wall back-filling.

Waterproofing Warehouse is now distributing Parchem’s HYDROTITE swellable profiles for creating perfectly watertight joints.This is an excellent swellable waterstop and we can order in any profile necessary for you.

Are you in the stage of building or designing a new WATER FEATURE? Ardex WPM 300(aka HydrEpoxy 300) is a brilliant product. This is a product that we highly recommend to all customers that are at this stage of design. It is 100% safe for drinking(potable) water and therefore safe for plants and fish. It also comes in Light Grey and Black colours.