Joint Sealing

  • Ra54: Fast Setting Semi-Rigid Polyurea Joint Sealant


Bituminous Roof Sealant: A one-component, easy-to-use, UV-stable sealant with bitumen-based solvents

Bituminous sealant

6S Silicone

  • Seal n Flex 1: A low modulus, one component, Class-A polyurethane adhesive/sealant

Seal and Flex Sausage

  • Seal N Flex FC:  is a high performance fast cure one component polyurethane adhesive/sealant. When cured it will form a tough, flexible seal and bond capable of cyclic, expansion and compression movement. Good for pick resistant areas including prisons, cells, schools and public amenities. Chemical resistant areas including service stations, hangers, aprons and bunded areas and Potable water tanks.

Seal and Flex FC

  • Firecaulk: is a single component, non-sag, fire rated acrylic based gunnable sealant.

  • Nitoseal MS400: adhesive/sealant that seals moving or static joints in high performance applications where high strength is required such as; Trafficable floor joints in pavements and footpaths, Brick, blockwork, paving and most building materials. It has outstanding weathering and UV resistance to maintain colour and integrity and excellent primerless adhesion to concrete, timber, masonry, aluminium, metal and ceramics.

MS 400

  • Nitoseal SC600: a highly chemical resistant, fast cure, durable, one-component joint sealant for use in chemical bund areas and swimming pools. Available in concrete grey, pool blue and white.

SC 600

  • Nitoseal SC800: high performance, low modulus, high joint movement accommodation, one component silicone rubber joint sealant. For use in concrete roads & pavements, bridge decks and car parks.

SC 800

  • Nitoseal SC820: a very low modulus, self-smoothing, one component silicone joint sealant. For use in sealing sawn joints in asphalt roads & pavements and slot sealing of cable installations in asphalt and concrete pavements.

SC 820

  • Sikaflex-PRO Adhesive: is designed for movement and connection joints on porous substrates as well as indoor and outdoor general sealing applications. Good adhesion to many substrates and is available in a range of colours.

Sika Pro

  • Sikaflex Construction Adhesive: A one component polyurethane adhesive/sealant that remains permanently elastic to allow for natural movement between bonded surfaces such as pavers, caps, roofing, concrete, wood, tile, aluminum, foam, mirrors and more. Non-sag on vertical and soffit joints up to 30 mm width with good durability and weather resistance.

Sika Construction

  • Sikasil Pool:  is designed for joints in and around swimming pools, areas under permanent water immersion and frequently wet areas between tiles, concrete, glass and metals. It has high chlorine resistance.

Sikasil Pool

  • Marine Flex: a high performance adhesive sealant can be used on boats, pools & spas, where you need a waterproof seal or bond, even under water. It can be applied & will cure under water – no need to drain your pool or spa. It has high chlorine resistance. Only available in white.

Marine Flex