Concrete Repair

  • RA54: Fast Setting Semi-Rigid Polyurea Joint Sealant


  • RA56: Low-Viscosity Rigid Hybrid Polyurethane Crack & Spall Repair



  • RA88: Multi-Purpose Epoxy Repair Adhesive, non-sag – Perfect for overhead and vertical repairs


RA 88








Gripset Plug

Rapid Set Water Plug

  • PUR-X 300: Injection resins and grouts are designed to seal leaking below concrete structures

PUR X 300

Nitofill Steel Packers are designed to be inserted into holes drilled into cracks or leaking joints and subsquently injected with expanding polyurethane foam to stop water leaks.


  • Construction Grout: Class A, shrinkage compensated grout – (gaps 10mm to 100mm thick)
  • Conbextra HES: High early strength, rapid setting, flowable, cementitious precision grout
  • Renderoc FC: Polymer modified fairing mortar, to cover surface imperfections, (0mm to 3mm thickness)

Concrete Repair graphic 1

  • Vandex plug: Fast setting, cement based mortar to plug running water leaks

Vandex Plug

  • Renderoc HB: General purpose, economical, patch repair mortar. The mortar is suitable where medium strength, as well as exceptional chloride and carbon dioxide resistance is required
  • Renderoc HB25: High performance, light-weight, very low shrinkage, patch repair mortar
  • Renderoc HB40: Shrinkage compensated repair mortar suitable for use with embedded galvanic anodes
  • Renderoc HB70: High strength, shrinkage compensated repair mortar suitable for use with embedded galvanic anodes

Concrete Repair Graphic 2

  • Renderoc LA55: High performance, free flowing, low alkali, micro-concrete reinstatement mortar conforming to the requirements of EN 1504-3 Class R4

Concrete Repair Graphic 3

  • Sikadur 31: An epoxy adhesive of two components, with paste consistency, to bond all type of construction elements

Sikadur 31

  • Sikadur 52: A low viscosity, free flowing and fast curing injection resin and primer/coating based on a 2 component solvent free epoxy resin

Sikadur 52

  • SIKA Plug: A chloride free, ready for use powder based on high alumina cement. When mixed with water, it becomes a powerful, fast setting waterplug.

Sika Plug