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Coreflute is a sheet of plastic with cells in between that reinforce the whole sheet itself. The coreflute itself is made from recycled plastic so it has already stopped being used for waste landfill and put to a good purpose.


  • A protective barrier over waterproofing membranes when backfilling a retaining wall
  • A protective sheet for polished concrete floors in new buildings to stop otherXXtrades scratching the new surface
  • Can be used for signwriting purposes as well

Features & Benefits:

  • Very flexible and can be cut to suit the size required
  • Light weight and easy to transport and handle on site
  • Can be duct-taped together to form one massive barrier over a retaining wall
Deck Web

Deck Web Polyester Fabric provides strength and flexibility beyond any other fabrics that are similar. It looks like a thick toilet paper fabric but elongates in any direction. Another version of this material is only one layer thick and sometimes goes by the name of ‘Sontara Tape’, it is used in less critical applications. ‘Deck Web’ is two layers and the two layers are pressed together to form one layer.


  • Used in between coats of acrylic paint to reinforce joins beneath the paintwork that could move in time, e.g. Emer-Clad
  • Used in fish ponds and water tanks to provide reinforcement to corner areas with a water-based epoxy, e.g. WPM 300

Features & Benefits:

  • Strength without compromising movement
  • All the benefits of fibreglass without the limited movement
  • Less material is used to saturate the ‘Deck Web’ compared to fibreglass
  • No mess and less fuss to use on job sites


An aromatic hydrocarbon solvent that performs well in situations
requiring a high level of solvency. Xylene is common to many coating formulations, including general industrial enamels, 2 pack epoxies and polyurethanes. Available in 1, 4 & 20 Litre tins


  • High solvency.
  • Mid range evaporation rate.
  • A widely available and used solvent for specialised uses in the chemicalindustry.
  • Versatility –Xylene can be included in any formulation where boosted solvency power is required and will combine well with other organic compounds.
  • Solvency –Xylene has high solvency of greases, oils and general dirt as well as sophisticated polymeric surface coatings and specific high molecular-weight organics.

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Able flex
Backing Rod
Colma cleaner
Expanding foam
Handy wipes
Hebel block
Injection- Packers, Flanges, Static Mixes
Plastic Angle
Spray bottles