WPM 300
Ardex WPM 300 is a two component water based epoxy polyamide
membrane/barrier coating. Approved for use with potable (drinking) water, conforms to Australian standards 4020 - 2000

As a low water vapour transmission coating in the building and construction industries and as a barrier/coating over freshly laid or damp concrete.
As a waterproofing membrane to prevent water seepage or dampness penetration through to the interior walls and floors
As a waterproofing barrier in basements, tunnels, liftwells, retaining walls and carparks
As a waterproofing membrane over freshly laid hardened (green) concrete, prior to the application of conventional carpet and tile adhesives
As a waterproofing membrane in tanking applications and seal coating over damp concrete either as an internal finish coating or prior to overcoating with other coatings
Features & Benefits:

Non-flammable and negligible odour
Can be applied to damp concrete
Can be applied to freshly laid hardened (green) concrete
Conforms to the requirements of the Australian Building Code as a waterproofing membrane
Has excellent adhesion to most building substrates including
brick, masonry, concrete block, concrete, stone and timber
Easy clean-up using water
Cured membrane will withstand 250kPa hydrostatic pressure which is equivalent to a 25 metre head of water 
Can be overcoated using almost any decorative or industrial
finishing paint
Safe to use in sensitive locations (e.g. around food or habitable areas) and environmentally friendly
Can be mixed with equal parts Portland cement to create a waterproof mortar
By applying one coat it can be used for a moisture barrier prior to laying parquetry flooring

Download: Ardex WPM 300 (HydrEpoxy 300) data sheet


WPM 001
Ardex SUPERFLEX WPM 001 (Superflex Premixed) is a tough, ready to use waterproofing membrane specifically designed for use under tiles. Ardex WPM 001 has been uniquely formulated with synthetic microfibres to increase its strength and eliminate the need for a separate reinforcement mat or fabric. Ardex WPM 001 is based on the most advanced acrylic polymer technology, and is totally resistant to re-emulsification.
Ardex WPM 001 is flexible, safe to use, low in odour and is fully compatible with polymer modified tile adhesives. Ardex WPM 001 is one of the fastest drying one part acrylic membranes on the market - normally ready to tile in 48 hours @ 23 degrees Celsius.

Performance Levels
Commercial and residential

Internal wet areas, balconies, decks, and other areas that will be tiled or
otherwise protected from regular foot traffic.

Walls & Floors.
Features & Benefits: 

Fast drying Ardex WPM 001 (Superflex Premixed) can be tiled over in 48 hours in non critical areas*.
Liquid reinforced: Excellent strength, eliminates need for reinforcing mat
Flexible: Accommodates normal building movement
Advanced acrylic: Will not re-emulsify polymers
Designed for tiling - Fully compatible with ABA tile systems adhesives.
Water based Safe to use, low odour & easy cleaning CSIRO Appraisals Approved for undertile*waterproofing in shower recesses by independent testing authority.

* CSIRO Appraisal #91

**Critical areas include areas where the membrane is applied at greater than 0.5mm or over impermeable substances such as over bond breakers or incorporating other reinforcement. Longer drying times are
necessary in these areas.

Download: Ardex WPM 001 (Premixed Bathroom & Balcony) data sheet
Water-based polyurethane-acrylic waterproofing
membrane developed for high performance under-tile
• Tough flexible film.
• Long shelf life.
• Meets Green Building Council of Australia Greenstar requirements IEQ-13, IEQ-11.
• Can be tiled over – good adhesion with ARDEX tile adhesives.
• Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
• Fast drying.
• Class III Membrane, as per AS/NZS 4858 Wet Area Membranes.


For commercial and residential internal/external wet areas, balconies, decks and other areas that will be tiled or otherwise protected from regular foot traffic
Not suitable for permanent immersed conditions. For
conditions of permanent immersion, it is recommended
that ARDEX WPM 002 (Superflex Two Part) is used

Features & Benefits:

Modified polyurethane waterproof membrane
Can be tiled over – excellent adhesion with ARDEX tile adhesives
Environmentally friendly – solvent free, suitable for confined areas
Class III Membrane – as per AS/NZS4858 Wet Area Membranes

Download: Ardex WPM 155 data sheet


Ardex Multiprime is a water-based primer used for improving the adhesion of ARDEX products to various porous substrates. It is easy to apply with a sponge, brush or roller with application of subsequent products able to take place with minimal downtime.
ARDEX Multiprime is suitable for both internal and external, wall or floor applications.


ARDEX Multiprime is compatible with subsequent applications of ARDEX tile adhesives, floor levelling compounds and undertile waterproofing systems

Features & Benefits:

Improves adhesion to various substrates
For internal and external, walls and floors
Water-based - No solvent hazard
Quick drying - apply subsequent products sooner
Low VOC content - meets Green Building Council of Australia Green Star IEQ-13 requirements

Download: Ardex Multiprime data sheet

Ardex B 34
ARDEX B34 is designed to be used as both a corrosive inhibiting primer / bonding bridge/mortar before application of renders and patching mortars such as ARDEX B36 and also as a fairing skim coat for the final smoothing of masonry and brick walls.



Facade preparation/restoration prior to application of ARDEX coating membranes.
Corrosion inhibiting primer for steel re-bar prior to application of render and patching mortars
Fairing / skim coat for final smoothing over patched areas or generally on masonry and brick walls
Pre cast panel repairs
Spalling concrete repairs
For aerated concrete paneled walls
In situ poured concrete repairs
Skim coat for swimming pool repairs – prior to waterproofing and tiling
Can be used for repairs under ARDEX membranes and tile adhesives

Features & Benefits:

One component system
Adjustable consistency
Multi functional product
Excellent anti-corrosive properties – for steel reinforcement

Download: Ardex B 34 data sheet

Ardex B 36
ARDEX B36 Concrete Patching and Repair Mortar is designed for reinstating concrete surfaces damaged through concrete spalling or other mechanical causes. ARDEX B36 high build patching mortar is capable of being applied up to a thickness of 100mm on vertical surfaces.
It is designed to be used in conjunction with ARDEX B 34 Priming and Fairing Coating.


For façade preparation/restoration prior to application of ARDEX coating membranes
Pre cast panel repairs
Spalling concrete repairs
For repairing aerated concrete paneled walls
In situ poured concrete repairs
As a repair mortar for pool repairs – prior to waterproofing and tiling
Can be used for repairs under ARDEX membranes and tile adhesives

Features & Benefits:

One component system
Adjustable consistency
Shrinkage compensated
Vertical hold up to 100mm

Download: Ardex B 36 data sheet

WM 163
Ardex WM 163 is a single component water based urethane modified acrylic water resistant protective sealer that penetrates and cures within the pores of the surface being sealed. ARDEX WM 163 is semi permeable allowing the surface to breathe and is not a waterproofing membrane to resist ponding water.


As an economical single component sealer and dust suppressant for warehouse and showroom concrete floors to suppress dust formation and dirt collection with minimum down-time.
As a petrol and oil resistant sealer for driveways, motor vehicle service bays and garage floors.
As an easily applied water resisting sealer for concrete, roof tiles, brick, stone, slate and masonry to inhibit water penetration.
As a protective sealer for sandstone to minimise dirt and atmospheric grime from developing and allowing the sandstone to breathe.
As a sealer for wall paneling enabling a surface finish ranging from matt to gloss depending on the number of coats applied.

Features & Benefits:

Interior and exterior use.
Water white and is stable to ultra violet discolouration
Requires only a short downtime for application. Four coats can be applied in the same day allowing for light trafficking within 24 hours.
Penetrates and cures within the pores of the surface being sealed to provide extended service life.
Provides high abrasion resistance since the wear properties are dependant on the base substrate.
Excellent petrol and oil resistance.
Can be recoated any time.
Good flexibility properties to withstand substrate expansion and contraction.
Can be applied to a damp surface and freshly laid concrete.
Non-flammable and very low odour.
Surface tolerant and flexible.

Download: Ardex WM 163 Single Component PU Acrylic Sealer data sheet

Ardex CA 20P
ARDEX CA 20 P is a one component, silane modified polymer adhesive and neutral curing sealant which hardens in reaction with moisture. ARDEX CA 20 P is extremely flexible, with a high initial tack and good bond strength, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal as a general shower, kitchen and bathroom repair adhesive and sealant for replacing tiles, fitting accessories such as soap holders and finishing off joints. Its shrinkage free drying and ability to be used internally and externally on walls and floors adds to the versatility of ARDEX CA 20 P.
ARDEX CA 20 P is ideal for bonding most construction materials including glass,
tiles, ceramics, wood, plastic and metal.
It can be used in underwater applications, either applied to the immersed substrate or to the item to be fixed, making it ideal when minor repairs and alterations need to be carried out.



Repairing areas of loose tiles, carpet or vinyl
For fixing: Decorative, acoustic and thermal insulation panels, decorative beams and sections, skirting boards, cable ducts, mirrors, bathroom and shower accessories, door handles, elastic joints between wood, plastic, metal and ceramic materials, sealing expansion and connection joints

Features & Benefits:

Bonds with NO TROUBLES TO :-
Wall panels
Waterproofing membranes
Ceramic tiles
Polystyrene foam

Download an ARDEX CA 20 P Data Sheet (TDS)
Download the ARDEX CA 20P Promotional Brochure

Ardex WA Epoxy Grout
ARDEX WA is a solvent free, epoxide resin-based grouting compound and thin bed adhesive, for use where chemical resistance is required or where cement-based grouts are inappropriate. ARDEX WA is suitable for fixing and grouting all types of ceramic tiles, glass and ceramic mosaics in internal and external situations. When fully cured, the ARDEX WA mortar provides a waterproof, weather and frost resistant joint from 2-15mm wide that is chemically resistant.

ARDEX WA is especially suitable for use in swimming pools, showers, bathrooms, shops, abattoirs, dairies, hospitals, hydrotherapy and spa baths, sports centres and other specialised buildings where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are required. ARDEX WA is resistant to aqueous salt solutions, swimming pool chemicals and sanitisers, chlorine water, commercial and domestic cleaning agents, alkalies as weIl as a wide range of dilute mineral acids.

Features & Benefits:

Exceptionally easy to apply and clean off
Suitable for use in wet areas, superior protection against mould
and dirt
Ideal for immersed conditions, such as swimming pools and spa’s

For use in joint widths from 2 - 15mm
Use where high standards of hygiene, chemical resistance and
cleanliness are required
Water and frost resistant
Solvent free
Can be used as a tile adhesive
Suitable for wall and floor applications
For internal and external use

Download: Ardex WA Epoxy Grout data sheet
Download: Ardex WA Epoxy Grout Promotional Brochure

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